With just a few clicks, the Teltow-Fläming Social Atlas provides residents with an initial overview in the areas education, family, health and social affairs.

It's that simple

  1. Please select the place and desired area. By doing this, you will see all offerings, not just those for your own parish / town. At the moment, this function is only available for the district of Teltow-Fläming. You can make the place/region search easier by entering the first letter of your location. Note: for villages, district = place
    region - enter your region (ministry/parish/town) and all entries that are relevant to your home community will be displayed.
  2. Select the offerings you searched for. The arrow allows you to refine your search by narrowing down the offerings categories.
  3. Click on "Display offerings"

Please note:
The results can appear unclear when a very large area is selected or when too many offerings have been ticked. To prevent this, select a smaller area or tick fewer offerings categories by using the sub-selection option.

When you click on an entry on the map, you will be shown the relevant contact details of the provider and, where there is one, a link to the provider's homepage will be shown.


  1. The emergency services button forwards you directly to the website of the corresponding district.
  2. The networks button links directly to the district-wide networks.
  3. The district administration and authorities constitute a special feature.

In the regions list "District administration and authorities", you will find these offerings under the respective location in conjunction with the associated offerings category and without any restrictions in terms of area or region (first entry). Here, all relevant offerings are displayed without taking into account the offerings you have selected.



  1. Why are the offerings not accompanied by any contact names?
    Given that the contacts naturally change, this would have to be checked and updated all the time. You can obtain the corresponding names from the respective providers.
  2. How can I see all of the offerings from a specific category for the whole of a particular district?
    Usually, a search is made for the nearest offering. If you want to see an overview of offerings for the whole of a particular district, select, for example, Trebbin as the location (is very centrally located in the district) and then a radius of 50 km.
  3. Sometimes, I don’t see any listed entries on the map. Why is this so?
    There are several offerings at the same venue in the case of administration and counselling centres in particular. The selections are superimposed over each other because they have the same geographical data. We will change this at some point in the future when we update the atlas.
  4. I have found some mistakes. Who do I tell?
    Your comments about missing offerings, wrong entries, wrong categorisation, spelling mistakes or offerings that need to be removed from the atlas because they are no longer available all help us to constantly improve the Teltow-Fläming Social Atlas. Please send your comments to: We are grateful for all contributions.

If you want to know about the Teltow-Fläming Social Atlas, write to us or give us a call.

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